Sherisse W.

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The Challenge

Managing 300+ clients, training new hires while handling my current workload and clients, and creating new process through department restructures.

The Process

Social Media Manager

  • Edited and scheduled social media posts for 100+ accounts monthly via HootSuite.
  • Wrote and edited syndicated content for 1500 accounts, improving department margins.

Social Media Account Manager

  • Worked one on one with 200+ clients to provide feedback, recommendations, and overall social media strategies.
  • Created and published organic and sponsored content for our client’s social media channels.

Digital Marketing Manager

  • Developed and managed comprehensive digital marketing strategies across various channels (social media, blogs, and PPC) for over 300 accounts.
  • Demonstrated ROI and provided insights for my clients' strategy by generating reports on social media and digital campaigns.
  • Trained and educated clients on using company products, trends, and practices regarding, social media, SEO, PPC, and online marketing.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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More Case Study




This customer was running lead generation campaigns that fed the leads into their custom-built CRM, to be contacted by call centre staff. The call centre reps would then convert the leads into sales over the phone, sometimes over several calls. That data would go into the CRM also, but not connected to the original lead. Leads came in via website forms as well as phone calls, so tracking inbound phone call leads was essential as well. They had a call tracking system built by a previous agency that they needed to migrate away from.

The challenge was to be able to feed sales data back into Google Ads so that the campaigns could be optimized to the actual revenue, as opposed to just the CPL. The call tracking also needed to be migrated to another platform.



Living Tea

- Increase the website's low conversion rate

- Increase revenue from < $1000 a day to > $1000 a day

- Run lower frequency campaigns because customers were complaining about seeing too many ads



Peter Pauper Press

Peter Pauper Press wanted to establish their own ecommerce presence without damaging the Amazon revenue stream they had already developed for their catalog of books, journals and stationery gifts. Finding the right audience and differentiating the product offering for searchers truly interested in premium paper goods were challenges I needed to overcome in order to deliver profitable campaigns.


A unique startup in a new field.