Sherisse W.

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The Challenge

Managing 300+ clients, training new hires while handling my current workload and clients, and creating new process through department restructures.

The Process

Social Media Manager

  • Edited and scheduled social media posts for 100+ accounts monthly via HootSuite.
  • Wrote and edited syndicated content for 1500 accounts, improving department margins.

Social Media Account Manager

  • Worked one on one with 200+ clients to provide feedback, recommendations, and overall social media strategies.
  • Created and published organic and sponsored content for our client’s social media channels.

Digital Marketing Manager

  • Developed and managed comprehensive digital marketing strategies across various channels (social media, blogs, and PPC) for over 300 accounts.
  • Demonstrated ROI and provided insights for my clients' strategy by generating reports on social media and digital campaigns.
  • Trained and educated clients on using company products, trends, and practices regarding, social media, SEO, PPC, and online marketing.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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More Case Study



Bark Square

Bark Square is an indoor dog park offering dog boarding, daycare, and grooming services. The brand approached us three weeks before launch, asking to make an impact in the community and generate a significant number of leads to reach their business plan objective in their opening quarter.

With the grand opening date nearing, we quickly began studying their business plan to identify which services would yield the best results when tied with digital advertising. We implemented lead generation campaigns across Google and Facebook to reach the surrounding community. We created captivating video/image ads, designed high converting landing pages, and tested various audiences on Facebook while targeting high intent search queries on Google. 

Our client was able to generate over 100+ leads every month while reaching thousands in the surrounding county. In addition, their client acquisition process continues to improve, and they are on track to achieving the 7-figure mark.



The Fortis Company

Developed websites and acted as marketing manager for a suite of luxury real estate properties.




Koh is a D2C eco-friendly cleaning product, launched in 2016, and now selling to over 1M customers in Australia and the UK. With a rapid growing revenue of over $40M in this financial year (2021) and backed up by 60,000 incredible 5-star customer reviews they're taking on the nasty chemical cleaning industry. I've joined Koh in 2018, in the years that followed they expended to the UK and made incremental growth years. My challenge was that, without much experience, I had to manage 6 people and start this all from scratch.



Desert Data Recovery

Optimize ads performance and search engine rankings