The Challenge

Pet food sales is a key market for Petbarn, with owners generally purchasing the same product and brand each month for their pets.

Petbarn introduced their new reoccurance order function, repeat scheduled orders on pet food helped save customers time and provide a great customer experience, as they would set up their order and frequency of weekly or monthly recurrence.

This was rolled out in stages across key states, and promoted on Google Ads through geo targeted campaigns, participating stores had unique landing pages where the messaging and payment options defaulted to repeat orders allowing customers to easier set up their recurring orders. The campaign generated over $190,000 online in 3 months.

For both search and shopping campaigns, we conducted weekly search query audits, to identify irrelevant search terms that were wasting our marketing budget. These would be added to a shared negative word list, to protect the budget and improve performance. Any relevant search terms with sales would then then be placed into an exact match search campaign and excluded from BMM in order to prevent internal bidding issues.

Top performing keywords would have custom ad text to improve keyword relevance, CTR and QS. Keyword insertion titles ad out performed static text ads, which we would then use to text new ad text to further improve our top keywords and adverts. We managed the SEO within our marketing team and would use top performing ad titles within the SEO page titles to increase organic CTR too.

Working across both paid and organic channels were able to increase traffic 9% and revenue 13% in H1.

Analysing data was an essential part of marketing success, and allowed me to report on the macro and micro trends within the campaigns.

I created extensively detailed Google Data Studio reports each tailored to the campaigns core KPIs. They help provide greater understanding of our marketing performance and highlight areas of improvement with both the client and our marketing department.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Marketing Strategy,SEO



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