The result was maintaining Cost Per Acquisition targets while spending over one million dollars per month in ad spend.


Tomasz S.

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The Challenge

Scaling and managing paid social channels to over one million dollars in ad spend per month, while maintaining KPI's and CPA targets, staying consistently profitable at all times. The main goal for this e-commerce brand was to become a unicorn (1 billion in valuation), and scale to 100 million + USD in yearly revenue (what will be achieved this year). The challenge also was with maintaining high ad spend across the brand - we spent around 5 million dollars per month on ads.

The Process

I worked as a full-time media buyer for PetLab Co. I managed mostly Facebook accounts, but also Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and Google. In order to scale and maintain to 1 million per month, I had to have a holistic approach. So I focused on working on angles - how the products can be solved, what problems we solve. Creating multiple angles that resonate with different audiences, allows scaling to 7 figures per month in ad spend. I wrote scripts, hired actors/bespoke people, and worked with video editors to edit each video in order to grab and maintain users' attention. With ready creatives I was testing and scaling campaigns on multiple platforms.

Here is the video with all accounts:

The Solution

The result was maintaining Cost Per Acquisition targets while spending over one million dollars per month in ad spend.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding,CRO,Paid Ads



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The challenge faced was how to grow and promote a web development + digital marketing agency, in a hyper competitive space.

Arielle Brimhall

In the beginning of our project the only challenge was the testing to see what worked for her accounts and the platforms we would be using. We use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Throughout this trial and error process I was able to determine a good mix of what worked and what didn't. Once we were consistent for three months, we saw massive success.



Travel for Teens

  • Enhance lead conversion on website
  • Maintain low cost per lead
  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase visibility to new customers via online search
  • Target specific prospects in demographic in specific markets
  • Maximize marketing return on investment 


Given too much variance in ability of product marketing teams throughout the company, Wiley wanted to build and in-house agency of marketing specialists, who would partner with product marketers on all high revenue earning products (ranging from $250K annual to $50M+) to ensure successful outcomes.

I was brought in to build and lead this global team, and my challenge was to build out the proper processes, communication, measurement, and reporting, as well as get buy-in from global product teams who were not all thrilled with having some of their autonomy taken away.