As a result, my team increased ROAS by 80% and traffic volume by 120% from paid ads in 3 months.


Alex B.

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The Challenge

I've joined an already well-established company with over seven years of history as a Head of User Acquisition and managed a team of 4 PPC specialists. The task was to scale traffic and increase ROAS for all paid acquisition campaigns.

The Process

I've re-implemented the tracking system with developers' help to track the full funnel of user's interactions. As a price comparison platform, we've sent users to our partner websites where they made a purchase. With a new tracking system, we could track the conversion rate on partner websites on a user level.

I've also built an automation bidding system using Google Ads scripts that managed bids based on real-time revenue data. Launched dynamic remarketing campaign with detailed segmentation based on the profitability of each product category (a quite complicated task for 3M products on a platform).

We've tested the most available paid channels for our business model and region within 3 months and found some excellent variants that were profitable for us (RTB House, Criteo).

The Solution

As a result, my team increased ROAS by 80% and traffic volume by 120% from paid ads in 3 months.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Web Development,Paid Ads,CRO,Web Development,Marketing Strategy



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