Mikenzi R.

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The Challenge

Raisegiving had the inspiring goal of helping non-profit organizations better track, manage, and exceed their fundraising goals. They wanted content that was compassionate and educational, prioritizing the empowerment of potential clients to make the most out of every campaign.

Together, we developed a variety of content elements that showcased the power of the Raisegiving platform and brought more awareness to the many facets that comprise successful fundraising campaigns.

The Process

Prior to each assignment, we'd have a detailed but concise discussion regarding our goal, specific elements, and timelines.

I would then develop a first draft of the content and submit it for review

Review and apply feedback (if any) and resubmit for final review

Recieve final approval


The Solution

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy



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More Case Study


It's a newly launched service for a very small niche, ran entirely solo. The biggest difficulty is how to maintain the service relevant, so that it will gather a big enough volume of customers, while also staying true to the purpose of the product.


Andrea joined Fellow as the Director of DTC eCommerce - a Series B, coffee gear startup in San Francisco. She led the eCommerce B2C business, responsible for the P&L, eCommerce marketing and website product roadmap.

When she joined, the team has experienced some success with the first year of the pandemic, due to people investing in their home coffee brew bar. The challenges she faced were: there was no eCommerce team, no growth strategy, limited resources and budget, few business processes + low cross-team cohesion.



Rhone Apparel

Rhone Apparel was a relatively new brand competing in a crowded category. Our challenge was to help them stand out, especially during the busy Q4 season where they had steep goals and investor expectations.


Implement internally the influencer channel