We were able to develop a model that shifted more spend from TVC & Out Of Home to digital, dramatically decreasing the CPM in the process.


Hisham K.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

I was employed by RB to manage their ecommerce offering for each brand. This also meant managing the acquisition & brand awareness strategy for digital including Facebook & Google ad spend.

The Process

I worked with the brand teams to understand their KPIs, and then developed a digital strategy to assist in driving the business goal.

We were able to successfully shift 10% of the total annual media spend online, increasing our Omni channel ROAS & significantly decreasing the CPM in the process.

It required me to work with our digital agency, account managers from Facebook & Google Ads, as well as retailers such as Woolworths & Coles who would often cofund & cobrand our ads, in exchange for onsite category positioning.

The Solution

We were able to develop a model that shifted more spend from TVC & Out Of Home to digital, dramatically decreasing the CPM in the process.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Health & Wellness

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Olivela went against the expert opinions of not only myself, but our paid social lead and their Facebook rep. They wanted to set up their ad sets in a very niche way by targeting each celebrity and their charity. For example, one ad set for Jennifer Anniston and one ad set for St. Jude. Not only did I struggle with targeting challenges, but creative issues as well. The celebrities and charity's representation were later seeing the creative live on their feeds and telling Olivela they were not approved, so I had to pause ads and/or launch new ones. The algorithm was consistently being reset almost on a daily basis due to unforeseen circumstances on Olivela's side.

Roche Diagnostics

Provided SEO, developed landing pages, promoted Accu-Chek glucose monitors and strips

Designed and developed branded adver-games as content for kids/teens in collaboration with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)



Bloc Shop

With the pandemic striking, Bloc Shop, one of Quebec's main climbing spots, had to diversify. Their in-person boutique had a lot of choices, as their climbing shoes offering is one of the best in Canada. However, their online store was not generating a lot of conversions.

They came to us for Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Ludus Alliance

Growth in organic social media.