• We were able to achieve 1750% ROAS for them on Google Ads in months 1-2

PPC Boost

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The Challenge

This was a brand new PPC account and the challenge was to prove to the client that they could increase their e-commerce revenue at a profitable ROAS.

The Process

My role was to lead client communication, account strategy, as well as all implementation on Google Ads.

We were able to start with a small test budget of $2-3k/mo and immediately starting hitting ROAS > 1500%

Top Performing PPC Strategies:

  • Launched Manual Shopping campaign and segmented by product type to have granular control over bids and product exclusions
  • Regular SQR Review + Negative Keyword Strategy - this helped avoid wasted spend and increase ROAS.
  • Launched dynamic search campaign built around top product categories on the site
  • Set up merchant promotions for them so that they were able to include their discount code in all their Google Shopping ads

The Solution

  • We were able to achieve 1750% ROAS for them on Google Ads in months 1-2

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping


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The challenge, EFTI’s reputation is mostly known within the industry as a top level education center in Madrid, highly valued but mostly off-line. Over the years several small schools appeared in the digital context and captured the digital market quota leaving EFTI with low digital impact. The challenge was to position LIBREE’s digital platform as a new player in the online course sector and as a top player in the online visual art education.

Angelo David Hair Salon

This client was very particular about the content that went out because it is a luxury hair salon. He works with celebrities and wanted to make sure that his content truly reflected what he did. We were able to capture his brand voice and post consistently. He was very busy so getting imagery was harder for him, we found stock imagery that reflected his brand and made the most out of not having imagery from his salon.


This brand used CM commerce for their email communications. I reviewed their existing flows in CM and rebuilt their improved emails within Klaviyo.

The client didn't have a lot of confirmed assets so I was able to utilize resources from their site and reviews section.




  • New entrant into the market at the time competing against huge streaming brands.
  • Lack of marketing infrastructure and organization
  • Understanding data and LTV