Sentinel Forge successfully relaunched its brand with a new look and is one of the top-rated blacksmith classes on the west coast.

Mackenzie M.

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The Challenge

With a cross-country move, Sentinel Forge decided to take the opportunity to redesign and relaunch the brand. Starting in a new marketing, the blacksmithing education program needed a new look and an updated website. Sentinel Forge came to Offset Marketing to create a full brand identity and reconstruct the website before reopening classes in a new market.

The Process

As the main strategist and designer, I started with an in-depth strategy meeting to get to know exactly the “why” behind Sentinel Forge. After exploring the current marketing and branding while conducting competitive research I developed four initial logo concepts and discussed the likes and dislikes with Sentinel Forge. From those concepts, we chose one he wanted to move forward with and we created some design magic. Finally, we landed on a historic and classic logo to represent blacksmithing perfectly. As part of the brand identity process, we created a whole package including a full logo suite, fully designed business system, brand elements, and web design. 

The Solution

Sentinel Forge successfully relaunched its brand with a new look and is one of the top-rated blacksmith classes on the west coast.

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