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The Challenge

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The main challenge was the client having a high acquisition cost using Facebook Ads Manager. Their cost at the time I came onto the account was about 2.5X their goal cost.

The Process

Using a consistent testing process I have used for a year prior to this client (and continue to use even in a post iOS 14.5 world), I was able to test a variety of creative. This helped develop a core piece of content that was used to launch a months-long campaign that saw their Facebook Ads cost per Purchase eventually drop 25% below their goal cost.

We started at a daily spend of $2,500/day and scaled agreesively for several weeks. We hit a high of $7k+/day in spend.

Approximately 5 months after launching the initial campaign. I launched a new ad campaign using Facebook's Instant Experience. I was able to help drive the cost per Purchase down 50% below their goal cost for 3 to 4 weeks. While it the result was short-lived the cost after week 8 was still 10% or more below their goal cost.

The Solution

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  • Lack of marketing infrastructure and organization
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