Alex led paid acquisition at SmartBiz Loans and developed the strategy for targeting small business owners, increasing leads by 41% in 3 months. 


Alex L.

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The Challenge

SmartBiz Loans struggled with finding qualified leads at an efficient CPA. They also struggled to scale their leads volume to get more revenue. They are looking to see if there are new channels they can test to help solve this problem.

The Process

Alex refined the marketing strategy and then scaled the growth. As a result of Alex' data-driven approach, the company was able to secure an economic model that ensured they were driving profitable growth from advertising. Alex ability to gain a stronger understanding of what was working allowed the company to double the user base and prepare for scaling.

The Solution

Alex led paid acquisition at SmartBiz Loans and developed the strategy for targeting small business owners, increasing leads by 41% in 3 months. 

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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  • Defining the global media strategy and playbook based on business goals for Existing and New customers through direct and indirect channels using ATL-BTL media. Supervising the execution of media campaigns to drive growth for the business through media, launching new products and services across 16 different markets integrated with CRM and Sales. 
  • Defining customer segmentation and audience-data strategy; identifying personas, and segments, user journey and selection of media-data-channels to target.
  • Driving growth and improving conversion rate by planning testing roadmaps through paid and owned channels and data sources: Paid social / Facebook and Linkedin, Programmatic display, ABM, Paid search, email marketing automation (Pardot) and landing pages.
  • Reporting and success measurement: Standardizing ways to measure success through the whole funnel, identifying metrics and set of media and performance reports.
  • Driving digital transformation by developing media training, generating content and presenting it live and via mobile app formats, focused in 2 main areas: Media planning (process-focused) and media strategy (strategy-focused) delivered to 22 local markets.



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