$10K in sales per month

Limor G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

huge list, 2-4 emails focusing on the products per month. No sales

The Process

Created 5 automatic flows: Abandoned cart, welcome flow, win-back retention, thank you, building renovating list auto flow with articles on home improvements

Added 2 popups to the store

5 campaigns for all the list per month 2 B2B newsletters

The Solution

$10K in sales per month

Skills Used

Email Marketing,Copywriting,Branding


Home & Garden

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More Case Study




Loop wanted to launch a pre-summer campaign to gain traction for the season.


  • CPO (Cost per order) was drastically increasing
  • Competition like Zomato had an upper hand
  • Hyperlocal targeting had very high CPA

The Last Coat

This brand had a large customer database but had trouble scaling their Klaviyo account.



Fly Rides USA

Fly Rides came to us looking to test out the viability of Facebook and Instagram as a paid advertising channel. They did not have a paid media strategy in place, and wanted to see how well their high AOV store (5,000-7,000 USD AOV) would do with Facebook Ads.

The company had attempted paid ads internally but saw very little success with it.