The above enabled us to have better control over the account and optimize further down the funnel. This ultimate drove down cost per purchase significant, and enabling us to continue to scale.


The Challenge is an exciting fan-token platform; enabling sports fans to support their favourite teams through cryptocurrency.

The brand had a lot of capacity to scale, and were very keen aggressively scale their user-base, in the most cost-efficient way.

The Process

The app was available for use in a large numbers of countries. This is exciting, however brings inherent issues around ad structure.

In addition to this, the companies ultimate aim was to drive purchases of their tokens; simply generating app installs was not good enough.

As a result, my key focus was 2-fold:

  1. How can we optimize as far down the funnel as possible, and
  2. How can we keep control of our ad account and ensure Facebook is optimizing to the best of its abilities.

When I joined, the set-up was very complicated; there were a significant number of campaigns; segmented by region, objective, and stage in the funnel.

In this case, with numerous testing, we found that the best route of action was to:

  1. group countries into campaigns based on their economic situation; to ensure similar data points were being fed back to Facebook.
  2. testing optimizing towards different stages of the funnel e.g. app install vs registration vs purchase, and opting for the one that brought in the lowest cost per purchase down the line.
  3. utilising Facebook's AAA campaigns to push as much automation as possible, and trusting that we are given Facebook enough data to optimize effectively, and enabling us to keep our focus on a macro-level.

The Solution

The above enabled us to have better control over the account and optimize further down the funnel. This ultimate drove down cost per purchase significant, and enabling us to continue to scale.

Skills Used

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