Sol & Serre successfully relaunched its brand with a new look and is one of the top rated florists in the market.

The Challenge

Sol & Serre is an up and coming flower and plant studio. The owner came to Offset Marketing for a brand refresh after five years of business to modernize the brand. After having establishing her brand and her “why,” she wanted to create a brand that was more inline with her brand story and that was more useable. She wanted a logo and brand the represented all the beautiful colors she works with all day. 

The Process

As the main strategist and designer, I started with an in-depth strategy meeting to get to know exactly the “why” behind Sol & Serre. After exploring the florist's current marketing and branding while conducting competitive research I developed four initial concepts and discussed the likes and dislikes with Sol & Serre. From those concepts, we chose one she wanted to move forward with and we created some design magic. Finally, we landed on a bold, classic logo and flexible branding. As part of the brand identity process, we created a whole package including a full logo suite, fully designed business system, brand elements, and web design. 

The Solution

Sol & Serre successfully relaunched its brand with a new look and is one of the top rated florists in the market.

Skills Used



Art & Entertainment

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