Grown to a multiple 7 figure global gifting company.

Staff and premises expansion.


Declan M.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Transition from a UK seasonal gifting company into a global gifting company with monthly revenue growth.

The Process

When we started working together, the existing strategy was to target seasonal gifting around Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day etc. This approach limited sales and revenue.

I implemented an evergreen strategy to be able to target and grow revenue outside of seasonal events which included birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions and so forth.

Creative focused on connecting emotionally with customers and this is the one of the driving forces behind the act of giving a gift.

Price points started at £19.99 which enabled mass appeal and ranged to £59.99 with an AOV of £46. The ability to personalise this gifting experience by naming your own star in combination with Free Delivery enabled scaling to be fast tracked.

The Solution

Grown to a multiple 7 figure global gifting company.

Staff and premises expansion.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,CRO


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The ROAS was great at that time, during the lockdowns, however as customers returned to stores the ROAS began to quickly decline and the customer was concerned about the profitability of the site and their marketing activity. The ROAS had dropped a peak of~800% during lockdown to only ~250% a few months later.

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