Over my time here, I was able generate a steady stream of monthly subscribers, that helped over 3x the size of the user base.

We had a very solid long-standing relationship, enabling us to sustainably improve the business offering, and the accompanying marketing strategy.

The Challenge

A very exciting project.

Stoic Conditioning are a team that provides online personal training courses specifically designed for those aiming to train in the military.

This is a very niche audience, however one that can bring amazing value to customers.

The challenges here were:

  • Ensuring we reached our target audience (not just those looking to have general personal training)
  • Understanding the LTV of each customers, and breaking that down into tangible objectives from paid media.
  • Ensuring we stayed policy compliant.

The Process

As has been a trend with a number of clients I have worked with, there were a few fundamentals lacking.

  • There was no accurate pixel set-up (a big no-no)
  • Only traffic campaigns were ran (only useful in very few instances)
  • Media used was aesthetic, however lacked many performance-driving features (Call-to-actions, effective text overlays, mobile-optimized video etc)
  • There was a lack of understanding of key goals - (what did the company actually want to achieve? What was a good success metric?)

This lead to a straight-forward action plan which I executed over 3 years.

  • Ensured pixel tracking was accurate, enabling Facebook to optimize towards course sign-ups.
  • Utilised conversion-based objectives; the go-to for any client looking for tangible results.
  • Worked with the team to find a middle ground between aesthetic imagery, to incorporate components that drive results.
  • Created a KPI spreadsheet and provided routine analysis to inform the team of how we are doing against our goals and previous months.

The Solution

Over my time here, I was able generate a steady stream of monthly subscribers, that helped over 3x the size of the user base.

We had a very solid long-standing relationship, enabling us to sustainably improve the business offering, and the accompanying marketing strategy.

Skills Used

Paid Ads



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