Not only did I help them make  $18.66 for each $1 they spent, but in total, they got over $700,000 in sales from FB ads


Sarah S.

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The Challenge

They used to make $0.40 for every $1 spent on FB ads.

They had a B2B conference in Berlin, Boston, London where each ticket dod cost over $2000.

The Process

I helped them make $18.66 for each $1 they spent.

They ran an “A hurry up, buy quickly!” ad.

Instead of doing that, I knew supermarkets like Mash and Costco got up to 2000% in extra sales by giving away samples, so I used ads to give people a pre-taste of what to expect at Stratgyzer’s €2000 upcoming event.

I read their book, blog, watched your youtube video and webinars and spent time writing persuasive ads using storytelling.

You can read the whole case study, with ads examples of the process here

The Solution

Not only did I help them make  $18.66 for each $1 they spent, but in total, they got over $700,000 in sales from FB ads

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Copywriting



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