I was able to increase the overall account from 200% to an average of 600%.


Ananda P.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Creating profitable ad campaigns (post ios14) for new customer acquisition and remarketing.

The Process

I was in charge of setting up the campaigns according to a custom post ios14 strategy and optimizing them on a daily basis

The Solution

I was able to increase the overall account from 200% to an average of 600%.

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Food & Drink

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Mercury Marine

  • Define digital marketing strategy for global boat motor manufacture
  • Design and develop custom website platform to deliver on the promise of the marketing strategy
  • Define and develop workflow to enable multi-party translation input, edits, review, approval process for 5 global regions encompassing 19 different languages




SyQwest expressed frustration with their position and placement in Google’s search engine results

and felt they had lost touch with their customers. They wished to improve the amount of traffic coming in from organic search engine results for people looking for their products.


Maintain and build brand awareness and trust in the company.


Advertising budget was doubled but pipeline from digital channels remained the same. Lack of reporting and clarity between channels driving performance