This work continued long-term and was a great working relationship.

Mc Donald Content Solutions

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The Challenge

Worked with the client as a contributing writer to produce articles and blog content.

Here is one example of work that we completed for the client -

This client had an in-house SEO and design team, so we integrated with them to produce content that fit their needs.

The Process

Client would request content with a word count, title, and keywords. This would be returned to the client in two weeks with additional time allowed for revisions. The client would complete all of the final design and posting to the website.

The Solution

This work continued long-term and was a great working relationship.

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Copywriting


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More Case Study


Develop this start-up brand online and attract a new audience to their events.




MOBY needed an revised marketing strategy that would shift spending focus from print/event placements to higher return digital advertising. The company has also recently acquired Baby Hawk (carriers) and Maya & Max (accessories); consolidating digital assets and streamlining marketing were key objectives for 2016.



Atmosphere TV

Atmosphere TV is the world's largest streaming TV provider created exclusively for in-retail business television. They had just gone through a new round of funding, and I helped them deploy a paid acquisition strategy and develop a foundation for reporting and analytics.




They ran a few Facebook ads but never were consistent with the results of their marketing experience.