We are hitting targets of 20+ ROAS when looking at this company from a total business perspective.


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The Challenge

Roundtree is a luxury accommodation and quintessential East Hampton getaway on Long Island. We drove bookings and reservations measuring overall total business sales and traffic. Our goal was to ensure The Roundtree is booked outside of the Hamptons busiest times of Summer.

The Process

We are running Fb ads to users to initiate a checkout and drive users higher in the funnel while we use Google to close in on the users further down the funnel. Using our paid efforts we have been able to improve overall site traffic, improve the quality of users going to site as bounce rate has dropped and page session duration increased.

The Solution

We are hitting targets of 20+ ROAS when looking at this company from a total business perspective.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Social Media Management,CRO,Marketing Strategy


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