success full documentary along with a global activation #passtheball with a 300M+ outreach. deliver auction platform and traffic funnel to sale all items used in the art work and gather money for over 60 different foundation helping marginalized sector of society through sport.

The Challenge

Launched on June 13th by Netflix, the film is produced by Emilio Azcárraga, Bernardo Gómez and Videocine, an affiliate of Grupo Televisa and directed by Vik Muniz and Juan Rendón.

We developed an Integrated Communications Campaign on-off for the USA market as well as assisted in the organization of the launch event in Rio de Janeiro. 

With the support of the globally recognized social organization Fundación Televisa, and global development experts: Streetfootballworld, #Passtheball undertakes the launch of a global initiative for social good.

Twelve organizations that focus on football as a tool of change will benefit from the collective work. Vik Muniz makes the viewer an active participant in the film by presenting opportunities to collaborate both during and after the movie plays.

Over 20,000 soccer balls were used to construct two art installation pieces in Brazil and Mexico. Those soccer balls will be repurposed and sold as part of This is not a Ball’s fundraising effort, #Passtheball — a social movement that enables the documentary to transcend the two-dimensional cinematic experience by impacting the world around us. 

The Process

Marketing Strategy - digital auction system setup - launch event & Pr - setup ales pipeline for digital content.

The Solution

success full documentary along with a global activation #passtheball with a 300M+ outreach. deliver auction platform and traffic funnel to sale all items used in the art work and gather money for over 60 different foundation helping marginalized sector of society through sport.

Skills Used

Public Relations,Web Development,Branding,Social Media Management,Email Marketing,CMO,Marketing Strategy,Web Development,Other,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Web Development,Other,Web Development,Paid Ads,Other,Branding,Marketing Strategy,CRO


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