By the end of the project, the Indiegogo campaign exceeded its crowdfunding target with above benchmark Click-through and Conversion Rates. 

RESULT: exceeded target by 10%



The Challenge

TinySeats is an innovative car seat for kids that ticks all the boxes. To ensure there was demand for this product, the client wanted to do a launch campaign to raise awareness and assess market potential through an Indiegogo (fundraising) campaign.

This was a completely new company and product. Seeing the sensitive nature of the product in the Health and Safety space for kids, we had to build the credibility of the founder and team behind the innovation.

The Process

We first developed a storytelling guide, which underpinned the messaging of the campaign to ensure a consistent approach across touchpoints. Based on this, we deployed a multi-channel campaign to create brand awareness and eagerness to buy the product as soon as it came to market. This included Facebook and Instagram page management and ads, a campaign website with blog, video development with one of our partners, PR outreach, Email and Direct Messenger campaigns, as well as contests focusing on Singapore and Hong Kong.

Throughout the campaign, we had a lot of questions and comments on our posts and ads which had to be actively managed. Turning these engagements into conversations via Messenger on Facebook and Instagram, we turned these enquiries into actual customers through a Direct Messaging campaign upon launch.

Another key focus was to tell the story of the founder and the team behind the innovation. Carefully crafted social media content, email marketing and website content, as well as opportunities to feature the founder in the press and events, helped to build credibility and underpinned the success of the campaign.

The Solution

By the end of the project, the Indiegogo campaign exceeded its crowdfunding target with above benchmark Click-through and Conversion Rates. 

RESULT: exceeded target by 10%


Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Other,Copywriting,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Social Media Management,Web Development



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  • Defining the global media strategy and playbook based on business goals for Existing and New customers through direct and indirect channels using ATL-BTL media. Supervising the execution of media campaigns to drive growth for the business through media, launching new products and services across 16 different markets integrated with CRM and Sales. 
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