SEO results (12 months)

  • +282% Traffic
  • +345% Keywords ranked for
  • +50 Backlinks

PPC results (6 months)

  • $59,000 In revenue within 6 months
  • $12,000 In ad spend
  • $0.35 Average CPC
  • 2.86M Impressions
  • 4.91x ROI
  • 3.98K Clicks


Dorian Reeves

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

SEO challenges

Trylon was working with an agency prior that was using a grey area SEO strategy. They were creating blogs and creating tons of backlinks which were hurting Trylon’s SEO without them knowing.

They were getting around 2,000 visitors from a mix of Google ads & organic traffic.

We needed to cleanup Trylon’s SEO reputation and authority while bringing more organic traffic and offer solid long-term growth.

PPC challenges

Trylon had been using Google ads for a long time. It was their main PPC traffic source, but the agency before us was doing a lot of black hat SEO which led to Trylon having malware on their website.

When you have malware once, Google pretty much bans you for years and so we needed to find another solution to bring traffic that converts at a scalable pace.

The Process

SEO process

We segmented our strategy in four phases: authority cleanup, technical SEO, on page optimization and content + backlinks.

During our authority cleanup, we took off all the spammy links pointing to Trylon and installed “Sucuri” a company that maintains firewalls to keep Trylon’s website secure from malware. 

During the technical SEO phase, we set up an XML sitemap, connected Google Search Console and optimized the speed of the website speed.

We then analyzed every page of the website to make sure there were inbound links, outbound links, the right title tags, meta descriptions and keywords.

Finally, we started creating content optimized for keywords we found relevant and represented an opportunity for Trylon as well as start do connect with other websites to grow the amount of backlinks Trylon has.

PPC process

We first decided to map out the different audiences Trylon would target. By doing some research and talking with the client, we realized that there were three different persona’s: normal travelers, corporate travelers & students.

We then mapped out the sales cycle of their customers and this is what we came with.

Targeting new audiences with relevant articles about activities in Montreal, retargeting those people with articles that promote why Trylon is the best place to stay in Montreal to retarget those who’ve seen articles about Trylon with a carousel of apartments or pictures promoting Trylon directly.

The Solution

SEO results (12 months)

  • +282% Traffic
  • +345% Keywords ranked for
  • +50 Backlinks

PPC results (6 months)

  • $59,000 In revenue within 6 months
  • $12,000 In ad spend
  • $0.35 Average CPC
  • 2.86M Impressions
  • 4.91x ROI
  • 3.98K Clicks

Skills Used

SEO,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Web Development,Content Marketing


Travel & Leisure

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I co-built HearGift from zero to $1.5M in sales in 18 months. As a small hearing aid company in a sea of giants, we had to put our most creative hats on to bootstrap the company and gain a loyal client base. Aside from leveraging Facebook advertising and email marketing to generate sales, what we are most proud of is the ability to build a trustworthy and transparent company, with owners who were not afraid to be on camera, offer transparency and candid engagement with our customers. With this, we have a built a reputation of one of the most caring hearing aid companies in the world, changing thousands of lives. Our over 300 5-star reviews show that and it's one of our greatest achievements.

Key achievements:

  • $1.27m in sales in the first 18 months, with an advertising spend of $428,302 (Facebook)
  • $233,473 in sales with an advertising spend of $32,675 (Google)
  • return customer rate of 10% (hearing aids are usually a one-time purchase)
  • over 200 - 5 star reviews, dozens of video testimonials


Create and AI assist with a human touch that can deliver enterprise-grade conversational AI for an extremely specific Industry, wind power in open waters. Use the AI assistance en congresses and exhibitions as a point of gathering and sharing delicate info with invitees.  




Deel is a San Francisco-based financial tech startup. They received both Series A and Series B funding in 2020 and were looking for a paid acquisition marketer to help them reach their lofty growth goals.

Deel was looking for someone to rapidly implement and scale a five-figure monthly media budget across 5 different ad platforms. The goals were to acquire new leads to book demo calls with the sales teams, and also drive paid software signups through the website.

Deel is operating in a totally new and innovative financial space. They needed someone who could dive deep into paid acquisition analytics, but also consult on the best creative angles to speak to potential Deel prospects.




I started working with BodyFX (home workout programs) as they were heading into a historically slower period for the brand (Q4). They had never run "holiday" sales or messaging, instead opting to reduce spend Oct-(mid)Dec before their big Q1 push. I pitched the client on a pre-holiday strategy (promotion & messaging) for us to start testing in early November, which he approved. The campaigns were a success (within target CPA range) and we were not only able to scale the initial tests, but iterate on the messaging throughout Nov & Dec to scale consistently over the holiday period, resulting in a 129% increase in spend YoY.