Brad J.

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The Challenge

Userback is the global testing software for marketing processional and software developers. They have a unique approach to helping companies get an edge on their competition, even in a tough market. Userback's goal is to break into the U.S. Market first and then expand globally as they continue to drive leads and ROI for their clients by using Google Ads to target traffic-based search intent with FaceBook ads that are tied directly back into your website or mobile app so they can track every click along the way!

The Process

We are starting our marketing programs by developing comprehensive google ads marketing solutions and then will be adding a new Facebook Funnel ADA Framework to help drive brand awareness and free trails through the life of the agreement.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy



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The Hundreds

Their challenge was that they are unable to scale new users acquisitions.



Lucy In The Sky

Redefining the way online fashion brand functions today. International & LA-made.

Stoked to be part of this fast-paced and growing team making high-end women’s fashion available for the world.


- scaling

- user acquisition

- advertising strategy & execution

- social media marketing



Specialist ID

When it comes to advertising on social, its very challenging, since products are cheap. This made it difficult to make it profitable with ads when targeting directly to individuals (B2C) instead of business owners (B2B). They are more profitable when they get bulk orders from businesses or organizations. Targeting a cold audience on Facebook/Instagram was challenging to stay profitable at scale.

Myx Fitness

We were challenged to 10X scale our monthly revenue while maintaining ROAS.