Brad J.

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The Challenge

Userback is the global testing software for marketing processional and software developers. They have a unique approach to helping companies get an edge on their competition, even in a tough market. Userback's goal is to break into the U.S. Market first and then expand globally as they continue to drive leads and ROI for their clients by using Google Ads to target traffic-based search intent with FaceBook ads that are tied directly back into your website or mobile app so they can track every click along the way!

The Process

We are starting our marketing programs by developing comprehensive google ads marketing solutions and then will be adding a new Facebook Funnel ADA Framework to help drive brand awareness and free trails through the life of the agreement.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy



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More Case Study



Oja Express

Oja was targeting a very small audience within only 2 cities in the US. We had to be clever about figuring out audience targeting that allowed them to hit their KPI's.



Patch plants

Patch is a UK-based ecommerce website that sells indoor and outdoor plants, plants pots and many plant care accessories.

The online plant market was growing quickly and competitors were sprouting up everywhere. We were spending a tidy sum on marketing but our conversion rate could have been better. I spotted an opportunity to target a significant segment of our customers who were new to indoor plants. The challenge was that plant newbies were afraid of killing their plants because they didn't know how to look after them.

Aaron Chang

Build a Landing Page for the Holidays, itegrated with Shopify and apps for free gifts, quntity breaks app and Gift Card experience.

Lead Generation Landing Page.



Home Theater Mart

We started with just Facebook where I started with remarketing ads and have kept those going and then started running Google Ads both search and shopping with a small budget of $20 per day and now over a year later spending over $87 per day.