You thought 55% of revenue from email was amazing? Last month we brought in 68% of revenue from email alone. And our current average open rate is 31.51%, which is considered excellent in the food and beverage industry.

The Challenge

This is one of the smallest brands we currently are partnered with. They don't get a ton of website traffic, like most of the other eCommerce brands we work with. Therefore, not a lot of new subscribers to convert. They were also already bringing in a great % of revenue from their email marketing at the time, about 35%, and they were doing it on their own. So both of these factors were definitely a concern when we first partnered with them, but we were up for the challenge!

The Process

The very first month we were partnered with Vicky Cakes, we increased their email revenue to 55%! Even with those two big challenges against us, we still were able to increase their revenue by 20% within 30 days by implementing our proven email marketing strategies for both flows and campaigns.

After we proved ourselves to them via our results, we started SMS Marketing for Vicky Cakes for the very first time and it is performing well (even with just a short amount of time running). According to Postscript, abandoned cart messages bring about 8.5% conversion rates in the food and beverage industry. Our current abandoned cart conversion rate for Vicky Cakes is 48.1%!

The Solution

You thought 55% of revenue from email was amazing? Last month we brought in 68% of revenue from email alone. And our current average open rate is 31.51%, which is considered excellent in the food and beverage industry.

Skills Used

Email Marketing,SMS Marketing,Copywriting


Food & Drink

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Melbourne Bushfood

Melbourne Bushfood came to me with minimal focus on email marketing.

They did not have their automations set up, replenishment reminders or actively communicating and pushing their subscription base.

Being a CPG brand retention, loyalty and referrals are the biggest needle movers for them.




Maybank is among the top 5 banks in South East Asia with total assets of USD165 billion. It has an international network of over 2,400 branches and offices in 20 countries and employs 45,000 employees.

  • Provide the latest marketing strategies and work closely with agencies (IPG, Initiative, Dream Team, etc.)
  • Products covered: Western Union, Visa Direct, FTT, Balance Transfer, EzyPay, eFD, EzyCash, Credit Card, Auto Finance, Mortgage, High Net Worth, SME, Virtual Banking, Funding and Deposit, Payment, etc.

Big R

Big R is now an online only retail store that sells everything from kids toys to hardware to camping, sporting/outdoor gear, clothing, accessories, and more. I specifically worked on the brand for about a year to take them through a brand refresh, develop a 6-month marketing strategy and to launch a couple new products within the children's toys and video games categories.




The client wanted to get better results with their Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest advertising campaigns.

American Printing House for the Blind

The American Printing House for the Blind faced challenges with Mailchimp set up using audiences instead of groups. The Marketing/Communications department sought Mayple's expertise.


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Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey, an all-day cafe, prides itself on quality, warmth, and building relationships in neighborhoods across multiple cities. Paige, the communications coordinator, plays a pivotal role in managing written and visual content for the Frothy Monkey retail cafes.


Mondiale, specifically TPI, is a dynamic publication house focusing on three magazines dedicated to the live events industry. As the Events Manager and Marketing professional, A. Clarke plays a crucial role in organizing social networks, managing content, implementing email marketing strategies, and running paid ads.