I was able to increase ROAS by 40% for new campaigns.


Alex B.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Launch lifecycle remarketing for paid channels. Localize ad campaigns into 10 languages.

The Process

I've created audiences for each stage of the funnel and crafted relevant messaging. The Remarketing funnel contains 7 steps.

The localization process contained of keyword research using various tools for each location. Ads translation was done with the help of native speakers.

The Solution

I was able to increase ROAS by 40% for new campaigns.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Web Development,Web Development,Paid Ads



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Since its foundation in 1888, Fedrigoni has specialised in fine paper for printing, editing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper products. When art, paper and creativity are brought together, the results can be incredible. And that’s how we developed The Blank Paper Challenge event for Fedrigoni, a series of creative events to introduce new papers to a selected number of creatives, clients and guests from the graphics industry in Spain. The Blank Paper Challenge events were held both in Madrid and Barcelona.



Shade Cloth Store

Combine two websites into one, and consolidate market leadership position with brand.



Julia Cha Success Coach

  • Getting more leads
  • Converting customers in the female skewed demographic



Cookies by Design

Take over digital marketing efforts, mainly Google CPC and social ads, and get account performance back to historic levels. CBD had experienced serious revenue issues after launching a new website. Total sales through digital were down 40% YoY, mainly stemming from digital channels and SEO.

We took over Google Ads and social ads, within 3 months account performance leveled off instead of falling weekly. In 6 months we were getting revenue not seen in over 12 months. By 2 years of the engagement, we had higher revenue results than ever before achieved with an ROAS of 12:1 from digital ad efforts with spends exceeding $50k/mo.