The fact that Xignite engaged me for such a long period and to create the amount of marketing content speaks volumes about the success of my freelance marketing work for them.

The Challenge

I created long form content (approx 40+ case studies, a thought leadership white paper and several articles) and PR articles for national distribution.

Each case study was on a different fintect company, so I had to do a comprehensive dive into their company, culture, clients, products/services, and overall market proposition.

I relied heavily on my investment industry background to assist in my work, given each company was doing something related to the markets (trading, investments, banking...fintech) and required extensive knowledge to be able to create well-informed case studies.

Each case study involved industry background and company research, management of the content creation and editorial process, interviews, multiple rounds of edit shared among featured company ane Xignite marketing director, etc.

The white paper introduced a new process in delivering market data. It was exhaustive in nature and required significant research on legacy systems, strategies and players in the market date ecosystem. In total the white paper took 5 to 6 weeks to create and was quite lengthy. It was used by sales and marketing within Xignite.

The PRs were straightforward articles for distribution. They accompanied/announced content publications.

The Process

I would do a review of each brief with the marketing director. Thereafter I would generally create a project outline, a creative outline, and then followup to gain approval of the project proposal.

Once I began the project, I would do an exhaustive industry and company research dive to familiarize myself with all relevant aspects of the targeted company - feature company, culture, clients, products/services, and overall market proposition.

At that point I would conduct interviews and then start copy creation process, with a draft generally submitted within as few as 2 to 3 days to weeks, depending on scheduling availability of personnel at featured company.

Following draft submission I managed the editorial process involving featured company and Xignite content marketing team and director, all the way through final approval and publication.

The Solution

The fact that Xignite engaged me for such a long period and to create the amount of marketing content speaks volumes about the success of my freelance marketing work for them.

Skills Used

Branding,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Public Relations,Other



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