3-4 calls per day for the client. Just the boost that a local business need


Limor G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

The client is a CA based home security provider, Wanted to offer his services to the local home owners. Have plenty of competition

The Process

I created a local call campaign, since I identified that these services are "call" worthy. Smart campaigns for calls + Search ads with a call extension (long tale of searches in order to reduce CPC costs) + short remarketing campaign (7 days post click)

The Solution

3-4 calls per day for the client. Just the boost that a local business need

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Home & Garden

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Small Screen Producer

Pam Vinje and Mike Isbell initially contacted me through UpWork to assist with some issues surrounding click fraud they were seeing on their accounts and needed advice on how to best handle it. I was able to work through the complex problems by researching what was happening and ultimately solving them with a 3rd party solution. As a result of how well it went, they asked me to review and help manage accounts for their business.




Dakine was running paid search campaigns that were targeting all of the United States and were not breaking up states. I let them know this was a concern because different audiences in different regions are going to be interested in the same products, it depends on the weather.




They had good results with ads but wanted to scale with more consistency