Grew brand from $4M to $16M in first year (with $12M being online) and to $40M the second year (with $30M being online).

Ashley G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Launched the first ever CBD e-Commerce brand in the face of heavy FDA supplement regulation and lack of ability to use Google or Facebook tools nor proper banking nor fulfillment processes. Founders were not business people, business savvy, nor understanding of the need to invest in building an organic SEO platform that now delivers over $2M monthly.

The Process

As the founding Chief Marketing Officer, worked to establish and execute the marketing and e-commerce strategies.

The Solution

Grew brand from $4M to $16M in first year (with $12M being online) and to $40M the second year (with $30M being online).

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Marketing Strategy,SEO,CRO,Copywriting,Web Development,Social Media Management,Branding,Other,Public Relations


Health & Wellness

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Migrated website to a new CMS (WooCommerce).

Needed SEO structure set-out which tied into Google ads and paid search.

The biggest challenge was mapping out the way people search and creating landing pages to match search intent.



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Want to scale but have a hard time understanding Facebook attribution and how it bring incremental sale to the business.

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When this client came to us, he wanted his videos edited into a montage each week. At the time, I didn't have a resource to help him with it, but through some hard work, we were able to find a solution for him that works. Currently, he looks forward to see what we come up each week!