Grew brand from $4M to $16M in first year (with $12M being online) and to $40M the second year (with $30M being online).

Ashley G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Launched the first ever CBD e-Commerce brand in the face of heavy FDA supplement regulation and lack of ability to use Google or Facebook tools nor proper banking nor fulfillment processes. Founders were not business people, business savvy, nor understanding of the need to invest in building an organic SEO platform that now delivers over $2M monthly.

The Process

As the founding Chief Marketing Officer, worked to establish and execute the marketing and e-commerce strategies.

The Solution

Grew brand from $4M to $16M in first year (with $12M being online) and to $40M the second year (with $30M being online).

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Marketing Strategy,SEO,CRO,Copywriting,Web Development,Social Media Management,Branding,Other,Public Relations


Health & Wellness

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Woolroom wanted to expand into the US with a positive ROI




Kodland is an online platform that helps kids 8-17 learn about coding languages and programming. They were in the midst of breaking into a new market in the UK and US, and were not sure on how to scale ads in these specific markets, after trying to scale up with their in house team, they reached out to us for a fresh perspective and

C4 Energy

Every brand wants to go viral on social media for the right reasons. We believe that’s not always up to luck. Rather it’s often up to proper audience alignment between the brand, the publisher content, and the audience.

In Q4 of 2020 we put together a series of placements with Barstool Sports on behalf of C4 Energy. The rate card for those particular placements promised slightly more than 750k views.

By working on nailing the audience alignment the campaign went immediately viral soaring past 9.5 Million views. A huge win coming into the competitive Black Friday weekend.

Peak and Valley

Peak + Valley is a herbal blend supplement brand that embraces the power of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. Formulated by a black women scientist, the blends serve as an at-home herbal apothecary.