Helped them reach their goals. Helped them grow their new subscribers and engage for the duration of Q4.


The Challenge

Chatbooks brought me on as a consultant for their Black Friday/Holiday sales offerings and to help maximize cost per installs on campaigns.

The Process

Chatbooks had done all the shooting for the images and videos they wanted to run for the duration of Q4. They wanted to test over 100 new creative images and videos and determine winners that should run through the months. Goal was to maintain a 2-3 ROAS for the Facebook and TikTok accounts.

The Solution

Helped them reach their goals. Helped them grow their new subscribers and engage for the duration of Q4.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Art & Entertainment

Results by the numbers

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CoinBits needed help with their overall branding and marketing content.

Grove Collaborative

Tasked with improving engagement of large inactive abandoner list of 500k+.

NOW Branding

Write blogs to help boost SEO results and create client portfolio pages. I was in charge of writing blogs on specific key topics to help boost results for our PPC Lead Generation Campaign.




The client was looking to generate more leads but didn't have a dedicated landing page to capture the leads.

The Redux Group

The Redux Group, a real estate group in the DC area, faced challenges in consolidating audiences for improved tagging and segmentation. The Marketing Specialist overseeing events and email marketing sought assistance.

Lake Art Glass

Lake Superior Art Glass, an art gallery and teaching studio, faced challenges in managing audience segments and implementing best practices. The Marketing Coordinator sought Mayple's guidance.

American Printing House for the Blind

The American Printing House for the Blind faced challenges with Mailchimp set up using audiences instead of groups. The Marketing/Communications department sought Mayple's expertise.


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