• Cost per purchase reduced by 46%
  • Revenue increased from $50k to $120k in less than 3 months

Nicolas De B.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  • Brand was stuck at $50k in sales and needed to grow with paid social,
  • Previously they have only had organic growth and were capped.

The Process

  • Implemented creative & offer testing
  • Improved the current messaging to be more relevant to target audience
  • Scaled ad budget from $10k to $35k

The Solution

  • Cost per purchase reduced by 46%
  • Revenue increased from $50k to $120k in less than 3 months
Skills Used

Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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Aussie Hair Care

-Launch a Walgreens x Aussie Hair Care collaboration to promote Aussies revamped coils line in less than 1 month.

-Prepare enough press around new product in 2 months.




BlackLeaves was an up and coming fit tea brand in Australia, with some traction from influencers and a couple viral campaigns in the past. Their main problem was, they were not able to scale past $500 a month in adspend. Meaning they did not have a proven way of scaling their business. With stock laying around they needed help quick, because if the stock doesn't move it's expired.



Two Step Performance

  1. Popular products were often sold out and would take a while to get inventory back in stock.
  2. Had no prior data from paid advertising 
  3. Educating people about new car parts 



La Natural

E-commerce design and development

Social Media content

Social Media Management

Social Media ads

E-mail marketing