• $150,000+ per month in sales (Up from $70k-$80k)
  • Spending $1,800/day profitably on Facebook/Instagram
  • $17 CPA on new customer acquisition

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The Challenge

Doughbar had taken their marketing back in house for more than a year after multiple failed attempts working with agencies. They were guarded and it took awhile to gain their trust, but we've educated them all along the way. They had never spent for than $15,000/mth on Facebook Ads and continually rode the waive of getting sales from re-airing of their Shark Tank debut in 2018.

The Process

We've spent $130,000 since on Facebook, Instagram and Goole and counting here while maintaining a target $20 CPA. This brand struggled to scale past $200/day on Facebook and we're regularly spending $1800/day on Facebook with sales at $5k-$6k/day.

We implemented our Testing & Scaling Blueprint to identify the winning formula.

We also developed a brand new offer to introduce to cold traffic for them, which was the launching point for $150,000+ months in sales.

We created a brand new sales funnel and have extensively optimized their Sales Funnel and built custom landing pages that convert at greater than 4% on cold traffic.

Running Facebook, Instagram & Google. TikTok Ads coming soon.

The Solution

  • $150,000+ per month in sales (Up from $70k-$80k)
  • Spending $1,800/day profitably on Facebook/Instagram
  • $17 CPA on new customer acquisition
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,CRO,Email Marketing


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