We have been able to generate an increase in online sales.

Jessica S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Develop an integrated digital marketing and communications campaign to promote a new digital product during the pandemic.

The Process

I developed a digital strategy for EFTI's latest LIBREE, born as a 100% digital platform for visual arts education. A way to learn and live the EFTI education experience from anywhere in the world. LIBREE, meaning free, was created to democratise visual education and reach.

The Solution

We have been able to generate an increase in online sales.

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy,Content Marketing,Web Development,Email Marketing


Art & Entertainment

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They had decent results with Facebook ads but wanted an agency to bring better copywriting, ads management & creative ideas (motion, video & image)



Specialist ID

When it comes to advertising on social, its very challenging, since products are cheap. This made it difficult to make it profitable with ads when targeting directly to individuals (B2C) instead of business owners (B2B). They are more profitable when they get bulk orders from businesses or organizations. Targeting a cold audience on Facebook/Instagram was challenging to stay profitable at scale.


Edufunder is an online fund sourcing site for students to fund their educations.



Brundo Spice Company

Brundo was in need of SEO and Amazon advertising optimization. Before seeking my services, they had an ACOS well over 300% and ROAS of about 0.4

There were many competitors in the market and I was hired to perform a complete Amazon overhaul.