The lapsed buyer program was wildly successful and accounted for 10% of total email revenue.

Laura H.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Before I joined the team, there was no resource dedicated to email so it was great to have a blank canvas and "clean up the mess". The team already had the basics: welcome series, cart abandon... so my projects were to 1) enhance those existing programs and, 2) create new automations that are more personalized to the customer journey with Elemis.

The Process

The most exciting project was creating the lapsed buyer automation, which was very complex as it was broken out into 2 categories (purchased once vs. purchased multiple times) and then broken out again into 4 groups, depending on how lapsed they are, for a total of 8 ultra-personalized emails.

The Solution

The lapsed buyer program was wildly successful and accounted for 10% of total email revenue.

Skills Used

Email Marketing



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