We are back to growth at a rate of more than 20% m0m.

Paul G.

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The Challenge

Thriving 7-y/o brand took a hit when Apple shutoff access to the FB pixel. Topline revenue dropped 30% y0y.

The Process

They fired their entire marketing team and hired me to rebuild it with fractional contractors. I worked with the Founder and her CFO to redesign a fractional marketing team at a fraction of the cost and have steadily turned the company back to growth.

The Solution

We are back to growth at a rate of more than 20% m0m.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Email Marketing,Other


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More Case Study


Schlumberger is the world's largest oil & gas services company. In my capacity as their first ever full-time digital marketer, I was responsible for a range of work to help the company implement best practices, including:

  • Development of an in-house manual for on-page optimization for the company's writers.
  • Conducting a range of SEO audits for the company's lines of business.
  • Creating a range of dashboards in Google Data Studio to incorporate data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush to show decision makers at a glance how their content was performing in organic search.
  • Management of the bulk of the company's Google and Bing paid search campaigns.




Running a campaign for only a week, which means no time to test anything




Reconfigure BigCommerce site for optimized Google Shopping advertising opportunities.

Water For People

Work to get the Water For People non profit applied to the Google Grants program ($10k/mo ad spend cap) and long term, get them accepted to the Google Grants Pro ($40k/mo cap).