Now spending over $3k per month and making in sales $12k - $15k on average.


Drew Blumenthal

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

We started with just Facebook where I started with remarketing ads and have kept those going and then started running Google Ads both search and shopping with a small budget of $20 per day and now over a year later spending over $87 per day.

The Process

Tested a wide variety of remarketing audiences on Facebook including past 30 day visitors and 30 day Instagram engagers. Started off slow with Google and have been scaling as I see results. I created a smart shopping campaign as well with a strong image and video and have scaled the budget slowly from $20 per day to $50 per day. We also added additional carousel lifestyle Facebook Ads for remarketing which has also done very well.

The Solution

Now spending over $3k per month and making in sales $12k - $15k on average.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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Smile Herb

Sales were decreasing over the last 5 years due to client not having much of a digital presence.



Human Performance Club

All Google Merchant Center's product were rejected, Shopping ads completely stopped

Skin Touch Therapy

I provided social media management and email marketing for this client. We worked on brand awareness and took a very product/ service based approach to the marketing strategy since the main goal was to get people to book a service to come into the spa. In the spa and online we push products we knew those customers were loved. We had great success with my social media and email marketing assistance!




This customer was running lead generation campaigns that fed the leads into their custom-built CRM, to be contacted by call centre staff. The call centre reps would then convert the leads into sales over the phone, sometimes over several calls. That data would go into the CRM also, but not connected to the original lead. Leads came in via website forms as well as phone calls, so tracking inbound phone call leads was essential as well. They had a call tracking system built by a previous agency that they needed to migrate away from.

The challenge was to be able to feed sales data back into Google Ads so that the campaigns could be optimized to the actual revenue, as opposed to just the CPL. The call tracking also needed to be migrated to another platform.