Now spending over $3k per month and making in sales $12k - $15k on average.


Drew Blumenthal

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

We started with just Facebook where I started with remarketing ads and have kept those going and then started running Google Ads both search and shopping with a small budget of $20 per day and now over a year later spending over $87 per day.

The Process

Tested a wide variety of remarketing audiences on Facebook including past 30 day visitors and 30 day Instagram engagers. Started off slow with Google and have been scaling as I see results. I created a smart shopping campaign as well with a strong image and video and have scaled the budget slowly from $20 per day to $50 per day. We also added additional carousel lifestyle Facebook Ads for remarketing which has also done very well.

The Solution

Now spending over $3k per month and making in sales $12k - $15k on average.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Home & Garden

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AAA Renovations

AAA Renovation is bathroom and Kitchen remodel company using modern approaches to home renovation nation wide. Some of my success as a contractor for this company had to do with the creative strategy as well as coming up with copy that would resonate at a local level.



Avoca Pools

Avoca pools were interested in filling their seasonal calendar with new pool installations early in the season. The goal set was to book 5 months of installations (10 to 15) of custom inground pools in a 60 day period.




I worked with Circle specifically on affiliate partnership projects, email marketing campaigns, and online event management. As worthwhile as the experience was to assist Circle with these tasks, I still (like many) faced a few challenges.

One of those unique challenges was ongoing communication and consistent alignment when it came to back-to-back online events that took place throughout the Fall 2022 season. This caused a level of organization and attention to detail needed to sustain the work to make multiple online events successfully happen simultaneously. Because of that challenge, I learned to leverage putting structure and automated systems into place in order to carry out each task to ensure a smooth client and event attendee experience.



GT Pasion

The main competitor was having incredibly huge budgets and absorbing all the advertising real state.