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The Challenge

The Challenge

Prior to working with Diogenes Solutions, the team at Gakken focused their efforts on Amazon Marketing with no Success usually just opting for automatic Amazon PPC campaigns that were costly and not profitable.

To position itself as a Top selling children’s book company, Gakken would have to prioritize targeted manual PPC campaigns. They would need to focus on ASIN targeting competitor products. Book targeting needs to be conservative in bidding and hyper targeted.

The Gakken team sought me out as the right person to take on the challenge.

The goal was to refine Gakkens PPC targeting with manual Selection, identify high-impact keywords, Categories and Products as well as display ads to fill topic gaps throughout the funnel, and ultimately, grow traffic and conversions.

The Process

The Strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Amazon PPC campaigns.

To grow organic search rankings, I recognized the need for a full revamp of the current content library to include very Target specific Keywords & Products that are hyper targeted for the Niche Gakken was looking for Children’s Activity Books for Ages 2-3. I let go of broad Automatic campaigns and focused on Manual Targeting. Also what is important with certain products especially books is to target product pages rather then higher cost keywords.

My Strategy Paid off and dropped Acos by 75% and holding it steady in low 20s. Over the past 6 months Gakken has made $600,000 in sales only through Amazon PPC! My nominal cost for creating and maintaining the campaigns was a drop in the bucket compared to the Massive amount of profit they have generated with my services.

The Solution

36.77% ACOS $614,478

Skills Used

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