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The Challenge

Tampa Bay has one of the most saturated home automation markets in the US. Making Hive stand out and become the clear choice amongst competitors was the biggest challenge.

The Process

We first conducted a full research of the market including customer purchase triggers, pain points, perceived gains and how sophisticated their knowledge of the solutions available was.

Then we crafted and tested messaging for each of the core services that Hive provides (Home Automation, Home Theater, Automated Window Shades, Home Security).

We honed in on the copy that worked and built message match through the funnel to drive better lead conversions.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Home & Garden

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More Case Study




Corvex came to us with a goal of launching a new mobile product in their mobile application. Corvex sells a software application that frontline workers can use on their iPads or Android/Mobile devices when at the workplace, in either a food processing plant or assembly line type factory. The goal of the application is to safely track frontline workers at the workplace and give them the Corvex Connected solution that helps each employee and their teams stay safe, agile and flexible with real-time data and checklists. This was launching right at the height of COVID-19 and became very intriguing to many businesses looking for quick solutions to keep their workers employed, but at a safe "6-feet apart" distance.



Idan Foods

Idan Foods has never ran any social advertising, so they had no idea how much it will cost per lead or if it will be worth their marketing dollars.


Revenue in 60 days


pk24 faces unique challenges as the product is a vagina tightening cream and has been around since 2005. Due to the product type, you are not allowed to advertise on Facebook and no remarketing to site visitors on Google due to prohibited product types.

The website was old and did not convert well so we put an entire strategy in place starting with improving the conversion rate with a new Shopify template with well-written content that speaks to the target audience.

Southampton FC

Create a new website for Southampton FC and rebuilt their online store on Sitecore CMS