• +5 Million views
  • + 4500 people downloading the karma extension into google chrome
  • ROAS 2:1


Dalila R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Increase sales & downloadings

The Process

Influencer marketing campaign

  • TikTok based
  • Research and influencers outreach / +5% engagement
  • Creative brief + creators agreement
  • Content review and approval

The Solution

  • +5 Million views
  • + 4500 people downloading the karma extension into google chrome
  • ROAS 2:1

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy,Paid Ads



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Fintech startup in a saturated market. when we started our cooperation we didn't know exactly who are our customers were, so I worked frequently with the sales team. We had to crack the right (B2B) keywords for the Google campaigns.

Rescue Business Tax Services LLC

Built a new brand from the ground up as an offshoot to the client's original business.



Walt Life

Walt Life is a fan-created Disney subscription box featuring officially licensed merchandise and items only found at the parks.


  • Current creative wasn’t scaling efficiently
  • Low engagement on ads
  • Remarketing was not converting even with discounts


  • I pitched the client on influencer whitelisted ads, which were an immediate success for us from both an engagement and conversion rate perspective.
  • Used our amazing influencer content to create high converting mash-up ads that created an emotional connection to the product


This brand used CM commerce for their email communications. I reviewed their existing flows in CM and rebuilt their improved emails within Klaviyo.

The client didn't have a lot of confirmed assets so I was able to utilize resources from their site and reviews section.