• ROAS increased by 76%
  • Sales increased to From £60k to £250k in less than 4 months

Nicolas De B.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  • Business was at £60k in sales and wanted to scale up
  • Limited target area around London so scaling opportunities were more difficult

The Process

  • Focused on developing UGC creatives and ad copy that focused on pain points
  • Introduced new offers with the client
  • Restructured Facebook & Instagram Ads ad account

The Solution

  • ROAS increased by 76%
  • Sales increased to From £60k to £250k in less than 4 months
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping


Food & Drink

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Mybeautifulvegan had been trying to launch a brand of apparel for people interested in vegan foods and lifestyle. I was in charge of all their Facebook ads, google ads and Klaviyo. I ultimately increased sales by 300%



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A new rebranded product in a ultra-competitive niche with huge brands.


PACHAMAMA enlisted DIDO AGENCY to create a more consistent, frequent, and aligned communication strategy and expand their branding to their consumers’ inboxes.




Client has a long sales cycle on their products, as they are promotional product brands. This makes it challenging to measure the true ROI. A lead that does a quick chat could be worth thousands of dollars more than a $100 ecommerce sale. While ePromos had some rudimentary tracking in place to see the value per lead; they still didn't have true visibility or integration into their ad accounts to optimize towards process.