Being the first advertising channel for the company we were able to hit and exceed targeted benchmarks and reduce their cost per lead to less than 1/3 of the cost per lead from aggregator sites (their previous primary lead source).


The Challenge

Mold Hazard Inspectors launched their first advertising campaign in the most competative mold market on Earth, South Eastern Florida.

In the State of Florida it is illegal for Mold Inspectors to take kickbacks from Mold Remediators for the obvious conflict of interest for the consumer. Despite this many Mold Inspectors in the market did take kickbacks and so were able to offer incredibly low or no-cost inspection services.

But Mold hazard Inspectors holds a high standard of ethics and refused to take illegal kick backs. This presented us with the challenge of selling their services in a saturated market with a price 4-5x higher than the average (unethical) inspection offering.

The Process

We began by studying the market and taking a comprehensive survey of customer opinion in the area. We combed through hundreds of reviews, tallied customer purchase triggers, pain points, decision drivers and the qualities they valued most in a Mold Inspection service.

We then built out landing pages with copy writing and design elements drawn directly from a deep understanding of the customer mind-set.

We then crafted ad campaigns that reached customers at the driving points in their life when they would be encouraged to reach out to an inspector.

We finished the process with ad copy that spoke to the customer's pain points from actual survey.

After the campaigns launched we studied and optimized the results to focus on the most important campaigns first and to drive budget into those with the best chance to drive results.

The Solution

Being the first advertising channel for the company we were able to hit and exceed targeted benchmarks and reduce their cost per lead to less than 1/3 of the cost per lead from aggregator sites (their previous primary lead source).

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding,CRO,Copywriting,Content Marketing,Branding


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