• Revenue Increase: 258%
  • Conversion Rate Increase: 152%

Ethan L.

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The Challenge

The challenge with gadgets like smartwatches is that its life cycle is very fast.  New improvements to software and hardware are discovered monthly.  And tech-savvy and wannabe savvy-looking customers are buying these gadgets and changing them yearly creating a good market for the IoT gadgets.  This is a topic that eBuyNow is well aware of.  The trick is to get the most revenue out of this model of the watch as soon as possible.  Selling the Moto 360 3rd generation watch at a higher price point than other smartwatches released at the same period was able to address that.  A well converting ecommerce site and marketing plan is key to that strategy.  

The Process

1. Technical Testing

We looked at the top traffic pages (because they affect the most people) and used tools like Yslow or Google Pagespeed Insights (accessible via Google Analytics) to get a diagnostic on their site.

2. Analyzing Digital Analytics Data

In a nutshell, we wanted to learn:

  • What people are doing.
  • The impact and performance of every feature, widget, page, etc.
  • Where the site is leaking money.

We started with an analytics health check. This is just a series of analytics and instrumentation checks that answer some of these questions:

  • “Does it collect what we need?”
  • “Can we trust this data?”
  • “Where are the holes?”
  • “Is there anything that can be fixed?”
  • “What reports should be avoided?”

3. Polling Website Visitors

We used Exit Surveys and On-Page Surveys

4. User Testing

User testing lets us watch people use our site in real-time while they comment on the process. We asked testers to perform a specific task, a broad task and move through your entire funnel.

The Solution

  • Revenue Increase: 258%
  • Conversion Rate Increase: 152%
Skills Used

Branding,Content Marketing,Email Marketing,CRO,Web Development,Other,Marketing Strategy,Copywriting



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UTV Source

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