Michael T.

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The Challenge

Part of an exciting and innovative agency, that drives customers for a variety of companies in varying industries in the B2C & B2B space.

My challenge was to help scale up Tiktok; an exciting new challenge that has not yet been proven out within the agency, and as a platform in the lead-generation space.

The Process

Utilising my knowledge of Paid Social platforms over the last 6 years, I was able quickly able to decipher Tiktok's functionality, development, and potential. In my opinion this lied as a sweet spot between Facebook (a well developed platform where automation works well, and creative should be the focus), and Twitter (very manual and basic platform, requiring significantly more manual campaign structure and optimisation).

Utilising this model, I tasted a variety of campaign build strategies, settling for a structure that was still based on pixel-based goals, however was far more complex than a Meta campaign. This helped 'hack' the algorithm a bit to help drive down CPAs further than when trialling 'best practice'. In addition to this I then applied the basics of nailing creative to help maintain performance.

My biggest success was a hearing aids campaigns, where I was able to use this strategy to reduce CPAs by 42%, and significantly improve volume as a result.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Professional Services

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More Case Study

Rue La La

One challenging project was working on Rue La La’s exclusive “Madison Avenue” boutiques where vintage Chanel and other very high-end clothing and accessories were sold on our website. Some items were sold for upwards of $10K and they were final sale, unable to be returned. So, writing product descriptions that were accurate and extremely descriptive was imperative. I strengthened my attention-to-detail skill set in this role.



La Natural

E-commerce design and development

Social Media content

Social Media Management

Social Media ads

E-mail marketing

Xtrema Cookware

Managed their Google Ads and Amazon ads accounts. Google performed well for them. We were able to drive revenue at about a 600-800% ROAS depending on seasonality. Toward the holidays, we could really ramp up and even see higher ROAS.

Overall, they were happy w/ performance but unfortunately had to cut budgets in late 2020 due to covid/supply chain issues.

The Legal Partners

thelegalpartners.com are a local law firm in the south west suburbs of London. Despite being local and having used a number of SEO consultants historically, they still had not managed to rank for 'business lawyers richmond' and other local terms.