We were able to get over 926 new users on their platform, and generate over $65,830 in revenue (with $24,126.76 in spend) thats a 2.73 ROAS in the first 50 days!



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The Challenge

MysticSense was using their social media marketer to handle their Facebook ads, while at the time he was doing a "good enough" job, they knew this wasn’t scaleable, so they needed experts to come in.

The Process

After coming on board, auditing the account, we've noticed that a lot of the ads that their in house marketer was running, we're not conversions based, targeted poorly and didn't even have any retargeting setup.

Here we systemized their approach, first gathering the lowest hanging fruit by setting up middle of funnel and bottom of funnel retargeting.

Next we setup a series of rigorous targeting, creative, copy and offer tests until we've found the right combination of them all and started increasing ad spend drastically to scale the winning combo.

The Solution

We were able to get over 926 new users on their platform, and generate over $65,830 in revenue (with $24,126.76 in spend) thats a 2.73 ROAS in the first 50 days!

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Art & Entertainment

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Fuller Brush

Fuller Brush had trouble getting a positive ROAS from their marketing efforts.

Marketing wasn't efficient due to tracking issues and the website kept crashing.


Vaughtons and parent company WH Darby’s are a 200 year old business operating in Birmingham’s (England) world famous jewellery quarter.  Manufacturers of handmade insignia, specialising in products such as Jewels, Medals, Chains of Office, Lapel Badges, Cufflinks and much more. During their prod history they have made Olympic medals, the FA Cup, and have had commissions from several royal families.


In 2021 Vaughtons approach Delta with a challenge. 


In recent years the business had diversified and created new revenue streams. This strategy had produced good results but also meant the business had lost focus and it’s brand identity had been diluted. Up against an increasingly competitive market, offering ever more specialised services and products Vaughtons understood that they need to evolve the business if they were to successfully see off the competition and build for the future. 

Bat Control Specialist

Bat Control Specialists is a pest control company located in Ontario, Canada. As we all know, Canada can have some of the most frigid winters on the planet. Due to these cold winters, bats only come around for part of the year in the summer time. This means Bat Control Specialists has a small window of opportunity every year to snatch up as many clients as possible before the season ends or one of their competitors get to the clients.

Pew Pew Tactical

When Pew Pew Tactical first came to us in December 2017, they had done 600,000 organic visitors the month previous, worth an estimated $160,000. They knew this was their most important acquisition channel, but wanted to pour some gas on the fire.