Jon W.

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The Challenge

Pavan approached me, needing support with setting up their email and general email strategy approach. At the time they were using MailChimp, but were not seeing ROI from their mailing list, and were concerned that their email automation was not firing correctly. So I supported their move to Klaviyo and launched all of their new email automation.

The Process

I supported Pavan in setting up Klaviyo. Presented a full email strategy for broadcast/campaign emails, as well as a plan for all email automation. After approving the strategy, I have continued to support them with the design, build and delivery of all their emails through Klaviyo, optimising for ROI.

The Solution

Skills Used

Email Marketing,Content Marketing,Copywriting



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More Case Study




BudgetNet had established itself as a highly respected provider of NDIS plan management services over their short history. 

Their growth had been on the back of word of mouth, referrals and paid search.

With more and more competition entering the market, however, they had noticed their cost per click and return on investment on paid search campaigns get slowly chipped away. 

They knew that longer-term, they needed an SEO strategy in place to protect their online presence in the market.




Meta search that was disrupting the industry by offering special deals and global reach partnerships.

Momondo had received a $30M investment to scale up their business globally.

They had defined target growth goals for specific markets where opportunity had been identified.

Launched different products to the market such as flight search, hotel search, car rental and packages.

They also launched an app and a newsletter as a way to reengage with the audience.



Compton Builders

Redevelopment of website and tracking implementation to prepare for digital advertising.

Art Services

They wanted a brand new website that would represent their brand