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The Challenge

No prior good marketing. The company spent too much and did everything wrong. We had to completely start from scratch and undo what they did using a more authentic approach.

The Process

Using the influencer search engine software, we identified over 90 influencers in the US and selected the 10 most relevant ones. They were each sent a package, their payment, and posted the very next day with their pets.

The Solution

EMV: $19k

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy,Marketing Strategy


Style & Fashion

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The company launched a new product and wanted to have marketing help because they had never ran paid ads before.

F45 UK division

  • Build out a list of influencers and models to work with F45 Chiswick location and increase brand awareness.



Capital Auto Parts

Capital Auto Parts was coming into a new season without a ads vendor and was eager to push to ROAS of 8-10. The busy season in Canada didn't start until March, so there was about a month window to get underway.

Peak and Valley

Peak + Valley is a herbal blend supplement brand that embraces the power of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. Formulated by a black women scientist, the blends serve as an at-home herbal apothecary.