Managed a budget of $20,000/month, and achieved a consistent average ROA of 2X. We went from $0/month to $5-figures/month of gross revenue in a few weeks time.


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The Challenge

Sear BQ is brand that sells a unique barbecue grill. I grew the brand and scaled via Facebook and Instagram ads, from $0 to 5-figures/month in 2021 and 2022. One initial challenge was that the brand had 0 social creatives. I overcame this by creating them from scratch. I leveraged the existing content that they had and turned them into vibrant social ads that convert.

The Process

I made the social creatives, improved the funnel and came up with attractive offers for social ads. The strategies that I used were running special offers via Facebook/Instagram ads. I used influencer marketing content to gain trust and credibility and leveraged these for top of funnel and retargeting campaigns.

The Solution

Managed a budget of $20,000/month, and achieved a consistent average ROA of 2X. We went from $0/month to $5-figures/month of gross revenue in a few weeks time.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Sports, Outdoors & Fitness

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Organic Search Revenue

Mad Viking Beard Company

Mad Viking Beard Company developed a new website and was migrating from WordPress to Shopify. As a $MM ecommerce company in the highly competitive men's health and body care niche, Mad Viking Beard Company required my services of an SEO expert to migrate their site from an SEO perspective and implement SEO Best Practices without experiencing any notable loss in traffic or revenue while improving their overall seo performance and organic reach.



Giving Masks

As an experienced marketer in the medical supplies space, we identified many challenges during COVID within sourcing quality face masks. Once we had access to quality masks we could actually deliver, it was a big challenge to market these masks, as most channels (Google, Facebook, Amazon) were banning masks from being advertised.

The Legal Partners are a local law firm in the south west suburbs of London. Despite being local and having used a number of SEO consultants historically, they still had not managed to rank for 'business lawyers richmond' and other local terms.




Fintech startup in a saturated market. when we started our cooperation we didn't know exactly who are our customers were, so I worked frequently with the sales team. We had to crack the right (B2B) keywords for the Google campaigns.