Daniel S.

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The Challenge

Driving Digital Ecomm Sales: I started my career as a founding team member of Want’ems, an Asian-American snack food startup company, selling wonton chips and fusion dips. I was responsible for all aspects of the digital brand, website, CRM, social media, ecomm sales, SEO, and digital ad strategy. We had success selling the product online in 2011, before the days of Shopify prominence and other no-code, elegant ecommerce sites solutions that are commonplace now. If I were running the business today, I would have built the site on Shopify, leveraging the Portland Turbo theme, which I’ve observed to be effective for several other ecommerce brands I have consulted for since. I love working with emerging ecommerce brands who are just establishing themselves on the internet, helping them polish their techstack setup, brand story and GTM strategy to ensure advertising success. I have worked with large enterprise ecommerce brands as well. In my time at Google, I was the Account Manager for both Coty and Shiseido, two large global cosmetic brands. These cosmetic lines spent significantly on brand building efforts (video, banner ads, affiliate marketing, etc.). My primary focus was tying these brand awareness advertising efforts to multi-touch ecommerce conversion that occurs downstream. I enjoyed navigating this highly competitive space, and helping these ecommerce brands deal with attribution and campaign strategy, particularly during the crazy Q4 months.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping



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