• Grew from 26 new customers per month from ads to 150 per month in 2 months
  • Cut CPA in nearly half while scaling to $30,000/month

Wayfinder Agency

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The Challenge

Client wanted to grow their customer base through paid advertising and achieve a profitable CPA based on their customer LTV.

The Process

We created a roadmap of campaign segments to target different Google keywords that were relevant to their brand, wrote specific landing page content, and continued to optimize aggressively for 60 days.

The Solution

  • Grew from 26 new customers per month from ads to 150 per month in 2 months
  • Cut CPA in nearly half while scaling to $30,000/month
Skills Used

Paid Ads



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Founded by CEO Don Halpern, the company's chief competitive advantage is their products' unique patented features and material that prevent the bag from being opened or broken into. Their product features are unique and cannot be found with any other companies on the market. In 2017, Loctote was featured on Shark Tank where they successfully garnered an investment deal with Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec. The company successfully established eCommerce and wholesale distribution channels but needed help improving the profitability of their paid advertising strategy for their eCommerce channel. When we began working with the Loctote company, they were experiencing issues that were interfering with the profitability of their paid advertising channels. While the company’s initial online advertising campaigns had been successful in the beginning, over time due to the increasing complexity and competitiveness of advertising platforms, the ad campaigns had declined in performance. Due to these issues, the company was experiencing a downturn in online revenue, an increase in wasted ad spend, and a decline in ROAS across all online advertising channels.




The client was looking to generate more leads but didn't have a dedicated landing page to capture the leads.


Breakr is a brand new creator to creator marketplace that connects musicians looking to promote new music with content creators/influencers looking to integrate music into their content as a way to monetize their social capital across platforms. As a brand new app / platform with a duel consumer target, my role as Head of Marketing + Growth was to grow our user base to provide proof of concept and product market fit by developing a robust brand and growth hacking strategy .




Aarke had SEO and advertising challenges that required someone experienced to help them gain market share against their competitor, Sodastream.

Aarke sells at a much higher price point than Soda stream and I had to help portray Aarke as a luxury brand compared to the competitors.