Over the course of 6 quarters (currently in our 7th working together) I was able to drive conversion volume from 56 to 357/quarter (+538%), improve the conversion rate from 4% to 13% (225%), and CPA down from 77 gbp to 39 gbp (-82%).


The Challenge

Smart Recruit Online is a recruiting and job board marketplace that allows companies to recruit in a large number of places. They needed to build a lead generation foundation through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Paid Search by initially marketing request demo ads and contact us messaging. We pivoted to writing engaging and enticing content for HR professionals to get them to fill a form and download the ebook which increased success immensely.

The Process

I am a Growth Marketing Consultant for the brand doing everything from execution to strategy on the media campaigns.

The Solution

Over the course of 6 quarters (currently in our 7th working together) I was able to drive conversion volume from 56 to 357/quarter (+538%), improve the conversion rate from 4% to 13% (225%), and CPA down from 77 gbp to 39 gbp (-82%).

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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Shillington Education

 How can Shillington Education, a leading brick and mortar, graphics design university since 1997, drive enrollment globally to their new online graphics design course offering.


HealthyUp's founder had spent a couple of years testing consumer response to the product she had developed for menopause relief by selling primarily on Amazon. Having gathered positive feedback from a few dozen customers, she wanted to launch her own e-commerce business but was a sole proprietor with limited direct-to-consumer experience. She called on me to help her put all the foundational elements in place to position the company for growth.




Loop wanted to launch a pre-summer campaign to gain traction for the season.

Lake Art Glass

CareWise Solutions

In the realm of healthcare, CareWise Solutions stands as a beacon of support. They provide The Caring Place HUB app in employee benefits packages, offering assistance to caregivers among their staff. This comprehensive app includes educational resources, virtual care providers, vetted wellness and care management apps, access to legal and life planning services, counseling, and a treasure trove of over 200 caregiving resources.

Wise Lines

Wise Line Tools, a power tool retailer, faced challenges with web sales and marketing. The responsible individual sought Mayple's assistance.

Top Rank Soccer Academy

Top Rank Soccer Academy, led by the dynamic Senior Coach and Marketing Director, caters to young soccer enthusiasts aged 3-17. Offering classes, private lessons, teams, and summer camps, the academy needed to optimize its email marketing approach.

U.S. National Whitewater Center

Tucked away in the heart of North Carolina, the U.S. National Whitewater Center, a nonprofit organization, thrives on an unwavering commitment to fostering outdoor access for all. Their mission is as grand as it is noble: to build resilient communities through the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles, environmental stewardship, and the celebration of family and civic togetherness. The Whitewater Center understands that we all share a common genetic code compelling us to explore the great outdoors and share these experiences with others. Their approach is simple yet profound: make connecting with nature compelling and accessible, and extend an open invitation to all. This is the story of how Mayple helped revolutionize their approach to email marketing, turning it into a catalyst for more profound connections with their audience.