The business grew over 400% during my time there

Scott S.

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The Challenge

Sprinly did not have a marketing stack that could scale as rapidly as they needed to support the growth targets of the business. The key areas lacking were in both tooling and process. Email marketing was not sophisticated, there was no focus on conversion rate optimization, and their digital advertising processes needed improvement in order to reach a broader audience.

The Process

I was able to implement many changes to the digital marketing team. I onboarded new email marketing software that allowed for better segmentation as well as advanced automations. I improved digital analytics capabilities and built a conversion rate optimization program from the ground up. I also helped scale digital advertising dramatically to reach new audiences while extensively testing creative, messaging, placement, and targeting to optimize acquisition costs.

The Solution

The business grew over 400% during my time there

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,CRO,Marketing Strategy,SMS Marketing,Social Media Management,Web Development,Other,Marketing Strategy


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Moet Hennesy

brand allocation in luxury events for the creation of UGC (user Generated content).

Xtrema Cookware

Managed their Google Ads and Amazon ads accounts. Google performed well for them. We were able to drive revenue at about a 600-800% ROAS depending on seasonality. Toward the holidays, we could really ramp up and even see higher ROAS.

Overall, they were happy w/ performance but unfortunately had to cut budgets in late 2020 due to covid/supply chain issues.



Playground Active

This client came to me after going through 2 agencies with unsuccessful results. The owner had issues discovering how to drive more results from their paid advertising efforts. They were getting a lot of people adding to cart and initiating checkouts, but not actually purchasing.

Their main objectives are to drive a more successful return on ad spend on the front end, but also needing to increase customer retention from the sales that came in so they were more profitable on the backend as well.

We implemented a new campaign structure to generate better results as well as helping to work on retaining and cross-selling campaigns that would drive a better LTV for the brand as well as new creative and audience testing as well.

The Dolly Llama

With the increasing demand for the brand and expanding, as a result of our marketing efforts, it's become challenging keeping up with the expansion to new locations around the country. We are now working on marketing calendars, new strategies, and incorporating all new locations into this to have a unified brand.